Hello, my name is Bela. 


I´m a Venezuelan Girl  living in the Bay Area, with my husband Jorge, our pug Lola and our niece Gaby. I love getting dressed every morning, styling my outfits and shopping. Most of my wanderlust centers around food and fashion, but you’ll find a lot of my personal life, struggles and quirks in the "personal" page. 

I started writing a few years ago, to keep my family and friends posted about our adventures, we´ve moved 6 times in 6 years and just recently bought our first home. After a couple of years living in the U.S, I decided to start blogging again, starting "Life With Bela",  my creative space for self expression. Here you can find a little bit of my style, plenty of color, fun recipes and a mild obsession with monograms. 

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do. Leave a comment, email or follow me on social media!