"You are the problem"

I had a very heated argument on Facebook about Donald Trump latest remarks. A white, noneducated man simply decided to say: "you are the problem" after I said that I believe that men can't condone behavior because that promotes rape culture. I was called ignorant and stupid by the same guy. 

But am I the problem? Because I don't want to be groped on the subway or catcalled while I'm walking? Am I the problem because I pointed out that men who support Donald Trump are sentencing women to keep being treated like they're inferior? Am I the problem for wanting little girls never to experience any kind of sexual assault?  

The same guy said: "that's what men do with their friends" and I was livid. Because my dad, my brothers and my husband will never behave that way nor any of the men who I surround myself with. 

After I made the decision of move on and stopped the discussion with that pathetic excuse of a man and, asked my cousin to find better friends I decided to write this post. I am upset; I am annoyed and tired of condoning this sort of behavior solely based on "that is what men do." 

I can't vote here because I'm not an American, but this is my home now, and I believe this country deserves better than someone whose values don't represent what the U.S stands for. Words do matter; they can hurt or heal. Vote with your conscience, make sure you are doing what's best for this country.  If you have children think about your decision will affect them, teach them kindness and respect, and that the winner isn't the one who yells louder.