This gypsy life

My husband and I are from Venezuela, after getting married, we had to leave home and see the world. We used to live in Mexico City; we moved three times in three and a half years. When the big move to Californa happened,  we arrived at this gorgeous place, but everything was so far, the mall, the good grocery shop, and my office. That made my commute a nightmare because I love public transportation and didn't want to be sitting in traffic for hours. I rode Caltrain from and to work, and that took a solid two and a half hours of my life each way. And the situation produced a massive amount of gray hair and a very crabby Bela. 

Finally, we moved closer to the City, changed from Caltrain to BART and my commute became bearable, and I did enjoy the walk from the station to the office. But as all of you know, the Bay Area is expensive, and our rent was crazy, we made a decision to look for a house that we could afford. After doing our research, we liked this development in Dublin, CA. There's a Dublin in California, and we bought our first home there! 

Now, back to the commute; we live in a temporary place two blocks away from the new house, it is great to see the progress and all the changes on a daily basis. My commute takes a 50 minute BART ride to San Francisco and walking a bit to get to my office. 

That means six moves in six years; we master packaging, bubble wrapping and unpacking. We're good with labeling stuff, carrying boxes and finding great apartments with fabulous closets (my number one requirement after a good kitchen is a BIG closet). 
I do miss having a shorter commute, but nothing beats the feeling of owning your place, getting one last move for good. (For now at least)