The American Dream

After arriving at my office in San Francisco, feeling pretty good about myself and this long weekend, my husband texted me: "our permanent residency application was denied."  My world stopped for the second time this week.

What now? We bought a house; we love California, worked so hard to get here, and we did everything right by the book. Is that the beginning of the end? Do we have to move again? 

Honestly, I forgot all the law knowledge I have for a second but it came back, and I started to do some research. I needed to focus because my world cannot collapse twice in one week, not cool God, not cool. 

I still don't know the reason for the denial, but I trust our lawyers and the team behind this. The news hit me hard because this same week my dad, who still lives in Venezuela was mugged and beaten up. He got his phone stolen, and it was an awful experience for him, my dad is criminal lawyer, he's 66 years old and a pretty cool guy. When he called and told me about the whole situation I felt bereft of all emotions for a few seconds; then anger took place. I couldn't believe that my home country was that hellish place that The New York Times talked about this week, where children are dying from the lack of chemo treatment. 

I can't stress how scared I am of going back to Venezuela. I know that's not a possibility right now, but it's a terrifying one. 


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