How to deal with a difficult coworker


I love working in content marketing, being creative, taking photos, engaging with the customers. I  had an amazing job working for a brand I adore; everything was great except for one thing: one person on my team was difficult, she wanted to get her hands on every single aspect of the brand including my job, and I wasn't happy about that.
I'm not going to lie: this made me dreading going to work, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried more than once, and I'm not proud of that. That person had such a negative influence that even threw me off my game and I wanted to succeed; I loved my job there. I felt like I was failing. 
If you have a similar situation, these tips might be helpful: 
Address the issue: I told her to back off a bit, in a nicer way I let her know that her "advice" wasn't required. Sometimes people like that wants to be helpful, but they also need to know you're a #girlboss too. 
Show and tell: after a while; I went to my boss who happened to be her boss too, in a professional matter you can involve your manager to act as a mediator. 
Be fearless: you're good at what you do, don't allow anyone to convince that you're not. Don't be afraid of an uncomfortable moment, stop her when you're uncomfortable.
Focus on you and your performance: if your boss is paying all the attention to this person ignore that. Let your success be your noise, remember to manage up: be vocal about your achievements and give recognition when it's due. 
Don't compete: this kind of person feeds on the competition, she needs a spotlight and that takes you out of your goals: you're better than that. 
And sometimes you'll find peace of mind by starting something new: I left a job I loved, and that person had a lot to do with my decision but today I have no regrets. I quit, walked out and started fresh and I couldn't be happier about that.