Wear those stripes with pride

Have you ever been told: you can't wear that beautiful dress because (insert random/absurd reason)? And how did that make you feel? 
I know right? You walked away from a great outfit because you became self-conscious about it and somehow felt unworthy. Yes, I've been there. 
I used to be size 0-2, you could see my collarbone and my hipbone back in 2007. I was 110 lbs (that I believe it was all boob weight) and was extremely unhealthy. I was a senior in Law School and had horrible eating habits like spending the whole day without a proper meal and ate chocolate with a Coca-Cola. 

Fast forward to 2017, I'm a size 6 (sometimes 8) and living the social media era, the Instagram curated, and perfect life and I often find myself feeling bad about myself.  But why? Because my ass looks huge with that striped skirt and it doesn't look awful on a size two blogger? 
But I've been reflecting on this since the beginning of the year, the ideal body to wear that striped skirt is in fact mine. I love what Life with Bela is starting to become, I might be delusional, but my size is something that allows me to reach more of you. 
Life isn't perfect, but this body works with its ups and downs. I'm going back to working out not to lose weight or be skinny just to be healthy. Honestly, I hate the gym and the whole working out situation, but I want to imagine myself being healthy-ish again, it does make me jealous seeing these girls who love SoulCycle and they look fab. So I'm meeting some trainers and going to check out some gyms, take classes and make it a habit. 
Nope, not quitting my carbs with prosecco or doing Whole 30 but sharing this is a great incentive, to keep myself believing that my stripe skirt looks great on my huge bum.