Two Thousand Seventeen

I can't believe that 2017 is here and with it all of my resolutions. Then again, I stopped and reflected on the things I want to accomplish and the ones I need to improve. Also, thanks to my therapist the few I need to leave behind me. 

2016 was a good year (we bought the house, my mom came and visited us, I took yoga classes and liked them). But it was hard, I faced a few challenges, I dealt with difficult people. I got diagnosed with chronic migraines and receiving treatment for this. 

my planner is from ink & volt!

my planner is from ink & volt!

While I was deciding on what to write, thinking about making some resolutions a reality, I wondered about the goal of this blog. Is it narcissism? I don't believe so. It's more than that and this is the year I'll prove myself. 

One of my goals for 2017, is indeed growing this blog and be consistent. It's also an exercise of my creativity and an outlet: I like beautiful things, create and discover. But, I also need this as my way to contribute to other women like me, by sharing my struggles with self-esteem and exposing my flaws and willingness to improve. 


2017 is the year of "less is more," I plan on shopping less and rediscovering my style by shopping the closet. That doesn't mean I'm planning to give up my #ootd, but I'll do it with my classics and things I already own. Also, I want to fit into my old dresses so that I can take that as a motivation. 

2017 is the year of taking control and letting go; I haven't shared this, but I want to drive again and be more independent. (If you read my twitter feed you'll see that I am a commute hater) I stopped driving after an accident, and it was a mistake now it's time to go for it again. I'll learn to let things go. 

2017 is the year of being present: I love taking pictures and documenting everything, checking social media incessantly but I want to be here for real. My family and friends deserve that. 

2017 is the year of fewer complaints and more action: I can't keep whining about everything that I think it's bad. I need to feel more, be happier with myself. I want to get over trying to be perfect and just be. Also, working out and eating healthy (ish) will be part of the more action part. 

This blog is meant to be a diary of someone who's not perfect, who cannot use scissors properly and certainly has a bit of grace and style to share. I'm normalish, not tall and skinny but petite and somewhat curvy. I want to share with you that I get dressed for myself every day and the struggle of adulting while my issues are a reminder of my teenage years. 

2017 is our year. Let's do this. 

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