Los Angeles

I love traveling, and we didn't take any time off during the holidays, so we decided to take a trip to LA. (Honestly is more like husband needed to work here and I tagged along, so it becomes a mini vacay.) 

J loves Los Angeles, and he enjoys coming here to meet with his clients, and he likes to stay at the Marriot in Beverly Hills, it's one of those rare places where in LA where you can walk everywhere. I like it because one of my favorite people lives here and it's always so exciting to see her. (More on that later) 

You see, I changed jobs almost a year ago because wanted to travel with J and we did, and this year we're planning to keep traveling together whenever we can. He travels a lot and well, I miss him, he's a cool husband. And I needed a break from the Holiday craze. 

On day one we decided to eat a quick lunch at Il Pastaio and walk to the Beverly Hills Park. Rarely enough LA was cloudy and, cold which I love.  


We also had dinner with one of my favorite People, Patricia and her husband, Mauricio at The Hart and the Hunter. The food was southern with a twist, try the chicken and please forget about how many carbs and fat you're eating, do yourself a favor and order the biscuits. Be serious, you know you want to. 

On day two Patty and I went to the LACMA, and yes it does live up to the hype. It was such an incredible experience. Soto, Picasso, Monet, Diego Rivera, Warhol. Just breathtaking, enjoy it. 

 Then J and I drove to Newport Beach for a work event. Funnily enough, my hair was an absolute mess, and I walked all over Newport looking for someone who can blow dry my hair. After five salons I found M The Salon and the amazing Cait, crisis averted! 

On day three I made the executive decision to walk to Paul Smith and take pictures at the pink wall (which was fantastic) and wondered why no one walks in LA, I did, and got lots of stares. I like walking. 

And on that same day my dream came true we went to Universal and Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and that was one of my favorite experiences of all time. It was everything I wanted it to be! We did a tour with an excellent guide (Look for Alec, he's pretty cool), we saw the studios, rode all the rides and eat everything that crossed our path. 

The thing about Universal and Wizarding World is, if you're like me you'll be in awe like a child when you see it for the first time. You grab a butterbeer and walk through Hogsmead like you are actually going to get your wand at Olivanders. It's a magical feeling that I hope I can keep forever because it's precious, a reminder of never lose the sense of wonder. 

On day four was time to come home, but before that: breakfast at The Original Pantry in downtown LA.  My favorite old school diner, if you're into classic breakfast food, no avocado toast or locally sourced blueberries, this is the perfect place to try, coffee in massive amounts, excellent service, and the crispiest bacon. Make sure you get the pancakes and get there early, it has never been closed since 1924, the food is amazing, super greasy spoon spot. Ask for Pepe if you want to be seated on the counter, he's the best. It is life changing and cash only so be prepared. 


I can't wait to hear about your adventures too, so follow along on Instagram and leave a comment! 

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