Like a girl

There's something about being a girl; we can call it expectations or even quirks that come with our gender. I wasn't a girly girl for a long time and I still struggle with some aspects of it. However it gets on my nerves when someone uses "like a girl" in a pejorative way, like being a girl, acting like one is a bad thing. 

I'm not a fan of this behavior (evidently) and, even when I'm not innocent because I used it, it has become an issue to me. I want to be "like a girl". 

Women are fierce, determined and overall more prone to stick to their fights and not give up. And I'm not talking about being feminine, it's all about being persistent, doing things for the glory of the accomplishment. Being feminine is right now the biggest act of rebellion when women are being treated like we don't matter. It does sound counterproductive, but, imagine this: a proud woman, wearing heels or sneakers with or without makeup standing up for her beliefs. That's powerful. Being like a girl is my goal. Behaving like a girl is my North Star.  

So here I am, wearing jeans and heels with red lips, reminding myself that being "like a girl" is, in fact, a wonderful thing. 

Photography by Julia O Test Photo, Styling by me. Location, San Francisco Mission District. 

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