The need to have it all

My resume and work story could tell you a lot about myself but, maybe it will say the wrong things. I've changed jobs a lot always looking for a bigger challenge, for the "dream company", trying to balance it all: my husband, our friends, the blog, my hobbies, working out and being amazing at it. And, somehow after my first year working 14 hour days and doing you know, life. I just feel like giving up. And, a rare thing starts happening, I crave the changes, something I used to despise (As someone with a touch of ADD, the need to track and organize every minute is real. Otherwise I just forget it and move on.) Anyway, my style is I want the change; I need it.  I'm always looking for a bigger challenge, for the thing that'll make my imposter syndrome go nuclear. 

Right now, while I'm writing this at this ungodly hour I have a flexible job, but with a pretty long commute. As you guys surely know, the Bay Area house market is absurd, so we live in a suburb, and I ride BART to San Francisco every day {this is God's way of making me pay for something, still figuring out what I did that deserves this punishment}.  
After work, I was able to squeeze a workout, made a very unelaborated dinner and, worked for a while on some looks too. And basically, I'm exhausted. I can't keep doing this anymore. No, this isn't a "feel sorry for the blogger" piece, this is me in the raw, where there's no shame to admit that I'm fucking tired, trying to balance it all and being good at everything and honestly I'm failing. 

Wait a minute, does that make me a quitter? A whiner? Nope, it just makes me human. 

Even though I'm no expert in this matter, work/life balance isn't something I thought I needed given the nature of what I do, social media never sleeps, marketing follows you around. However, I believe in having time for yourself, to do what makes you happy: it could be working out or binging Game of Thrones (which, it's totally okay, I do it with Gilmore Girls). Some days I honestly don't feel like going out with friends and having a social life, we need to stay home, order take out and do nothing. My friend Lauren talked about how our generation is finding comfort in the whole staying in scene  and how much we dread the going out situation. 

We have standards and expectations that make our entire life more complicated, I do believe in doing things the best you can and make sure you're thriving but, also: I believe in finding happiness in the tiny things like waking up late on a Saturday morning or having an afternoon movie date with your BFF. We need to stop stressing about achieving that Instagram perfect life, I think it's worth just living it instead, and while you're at it, it's completely okay to put your phone down.

What do you think, should we reclaim the right of be content with what we have?  Should we just get into the mood of having it all?