10 Life lessons from Gilmore Girls

I'm a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan; it's my go-to show when I'm sick or bored, when I travel or when need a reference. Technically is my equivalent to The Godfather and it has helped with different stages of my life, from terrible fashion choices (cargo pants, I know, and I'm sorry) to pop culture. But, I have other reasons to hold this show very dear because I learned some invaluable life lessons from the Stars Hollow girls. 

You need someone to share the things you love and hate about everything 

I have a good therapist who commiserates with me but, you need a person who can understand your quirks, someone who allows you to be yourself at all times. My favorite thing about GG is that it taught me to accept people's random quirks and be open about that. That truly empowered me to find my tribe even as an "adult." 

It's okay to ask your mom for help 

I was a wild teenager and often wanted my relationship with my mom to be more like Rory and Lorelai's but, it wasn't. It took years and growth to improve, but I learned that my mom was always there when I needed her, and it was completely okay to ask her for help. 

Someone will break your heart, but you will make it 

I wasn't the most popular girl with boys; I was the Mayor of the Friendzone and, the first time I fell in love with a boy, he broke my heart. Today I'm incredibly grateful for the fact that he cheated on me because that led me to the life I have today. Your first boyfriend might not be a Dean (and now I can say that he was the worst, say no to insecure males, please!) it could be a Jess or a Logan, the important part is: you will make it. I wish 16 year old me knew this though. 

You are allowed to have bad days

I abide by this, having bad days is entirely reasonable and doesn't make you an asshole. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, sometimes you're a jerk (hopefully not for long) but, it's important to make sure that your bad days don't become your whole life. 

Mansplain happens, make sure you SHUT IT DOWN

If you're a woman, there's 99.9% chance that something has been mansplained to you, even though you are making a solid point with data to back it up. I learned to deal with that thanks to Paris and her witty comebacks when it happened to her. 

Taking chances is okay and inevitable

I love how adventurous I'm allowing myself to be now, but 15 years ago I was afraid of putting myself out there because my fear of getting hurt. I learned that sometimes allowing yourself to explore outside of your comfort zone will bring your own "In Omnia Paratus" moment. 

You really don't have to dumb down yourself for anyone

Yes, this is a big one: being a not-attractive-nerdy-tomboy didn't make me popular with the dudes around me but, being able to be a bookworm with my nerdy references it was far more valuable to me. Before Rory, all of the "relatable" TV characters had the IQ of a raw potato and there I was, weird and alone with my books until I watched Gilmore Girls for the first time. Being pretty wasn't everything, some boys actually like smart girls! 

There's always a way where you can use "Oy with the poodles already!" 

You know I'm right. Middle of a lagging conversation just throw it out there. 

Talking fast is often a blessing, being sassy always is

I was awkward yes but, I've never been a quiet kind of gal. I talk fast and always felt like that was a dissavantage but it's so far from it! I undestood that my weird and often sassy monologues were a good thing, thanks to Lorelai. 

And caffeine is life

I love coffee and my mom does too, my dad is a huge fan so I never had any restraint (also, I went to law school so coffee is a requirement!) And those two with her unhealthy addiction made me feel like I wasn't completely alone with my huge coffee mug. 

Did you watch Gilmore Girls? What did you learn?