Spring time!

 Spring is here! (Finally) 

My spring just started, I changed the heavy parkas and wool scarves for light cardis and florals also, I added something new: a gorgeous new watch! 

I partnered with the wonderful team at JORD Watches and honestly, I haven't seen something as beautifully made in a long time. I've been a big techie my whole life but their watches remind me of something s natural and elegant. It works great with simple and classic outfits. 

To me a watch is always the perfect gift for her and for him! Im very into timeless pieces and this watch isn't the exception. I feel like when you wear something that it's functional and pretty it gives a little extra umph to any outfit. 


Emerald and wood, are perfect for each other. 


Also, the packaging took the whole thing to the next level, a gorgeous wooden box, the pillow and the oil to keep the wood in perfect condition. Honestly, it feels so luxurious and earthy at the same time.  

In case you're looking for the perfect gift, here a little gift from the JORD Watches team (and myself)