No time for drama queens

I love working on marketing and running social media, this allows me to keep things interesting and appreciate the power of the internet. While, I like social media to keep me connected to the world and share my views I truly despise the drama that I've witnessed. The cattiness and fights, the accusations and the lack of community feels has taken the social part out.  Drama is here and it's ugly. 

When I starting blogging years ago the community was small but, there wasn't a lot of rules, and no one cared about Instagram filters or to present a super-curated, photographer accepted perfect life. But, today this place that I call Bloggerland is filled with drama, competition and not community and, no this is not a ranting piece. I just feel like I want to understand better why are we fighting with each other. Well, no one is fighting with me, I have like three followers (and I love you all, especially you mama ).

I have this terrible cold/bronchitis and on Saturday night was browsing my Instagram feed, there was some feud about a blogger copying another and people taking sides, basically bullying both parties, mob mentality I guess. While I hate the idea of people messing with other's artistic work, at some point we all start to looking similar, using some filters or brightening our pics, we collaborate with the same photographers in some cases. But, is the feud necessary? Isn't bloggerland big enough for all of us?

As much as I want to think that I'm original and have my own voice, this community ends up buying similar clothes and partnering with similar brands, and I'm okay with that, it works for all of us because we talk to different audiences and the market IS big enough for all of us. 
I bring something to the table that I believe is a reflection of my life experience and, my learnings: well, I'm gonna keep sharing my tips to contact brands, the name of my wonderful photographer and the clothes I wear (and when sales are happening, I'm your gal). I'm gonna keep choosing community over competition because, I met amazing people there, made friends and learned how to be less awkward during events and I'll always be grateful for that. No time for drama queens in bloggerland. 

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