5 things I love right now

I always carry a bag, inside of it you might find a book, some lip stain, an extra pair of earrings, water, flats, etc. And, I'm not super high maintenance  when it comes to makeup but I received this Marc Jacobs coconut glow highlighter [for free, thanks Influenster] and I'm been wearing it every day. Why? It works for me: gives me some moisture, a wonderful glow and it just makes me feel more put together. Try it, you'll love it. 

Also, I'm trying Rodial Skincare for the first time! The Snake Serum is AMAZING! My combination/weirdly hormonal skin is really into it. And the mask really helped hydrate and keep my skin in a great mood. This is actually one of the reasons why I'm going makeup free. The lovely team at Collectively sent me this to try and I can't stop wearing it, I truly encourage to try the serum. Although, I received these for free: the love and opinions are my own. 

So, I rarely discuss my hair and it's infinity amount of issues. I have like 3 hairs, they're fine, wavy and frizzy at the same time. Also, in case you haven't noticed, I'm missing a lot of it. It's due to a few things: stress, hormones (I have PCOS) and when I was a teenager I used to pull it, so that had irreversible consequences. Now, finding a shampoo that can help with the oily scalp, dry ends, volume issues and do something about the growth: that's effing challenging.  I heard about Function of Beauty a magical place where you create your perfect formula, from scent and color. I'm loving it so far, it's really helping my hair with volume and it feels less oily.  If you want $5 off your first order use this link! 

Our bedroom is a constant work in progress; I'm not happy with the decor right now but, my best friend sent me a Jo Malone candle that makes my crazy days go away for a least a little while. Also, the coolest ring holder I've ever own: a snail from Kate Spade. Ali from my office gave it to me, and I love it. Our bedroom is the place where I want to create a space to just rest, so I don't work from bed, just use Pinterest and read! Also, a notebook near my nightstand is essential because I get creative at nights, the striped one is monogrammed (❤️) and it's from Minnie and Emma. 

My red lips: I might be having a terrible day and looking AWFUL until the magic of the red lips gives me my mojo back. I took me forever to find the right shade of red; I wear Beso by Stila. It's the best thing ever, it lasts all day, and it looks perfect. It doesn't matter that my hair is a mess or that I forgot my glasses (AGAIN, ugh!) the red lip makes a difference, it's a instant mood booster. 


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