Feeling blue

Summer is here, time for all the stripes and blues. While pattern mixing can feel daunting, just start with the basic: pick a pallet and contrasts. This stripes over stripes look I've worn to work and then I took it out for a spin at the #NiceGirlsClub, created by Katey from The Violet Fog. 


Yes, I know that I look consistently overdressed for my job and for going around but, getting dressed makes me happy, it gives a boost to my work days and well, I stopped caring about feeling too dressed up or creating the impression of being high maintenance. 

Sorry peeps, the San Francisco normcore thing is not for me. You'll hear the clack of my heels over the marble lobby, and you'll know I'm coming. The puffy skirts, the ruffled shirts, and the red lips are part of me. I can't shy away from the person who picks her outfits on Sunday night nor will stop getting excited about a fresh J.Crew package coming my way. 
Just let's pretend that the life we're living is a party and, I created the dress code, yes? k. See you soon. 


Styling by me and photo magic happened with Christine Hanks at Wente Vineyards