Venezuelan fiesta at home with Minute Maid®

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Refresh the Way You Flavor Your Day

This is what summer looks like in our Venezuelan household!

I'm very happy to show off a little of my favorite thing in the world: Venezuelan food! So I partnered with Minute Maid® to add some zest to our Venezuelan fiesta. I went to Walmart, grabbed myself a little box of Minute Maid® Lemonade and went home to cook! 

Do you want to throw a party a la venezolana? 

First, have your friends over, ask them to bring their appetites. I made these very refreshing popsicles to keep them busy and refreshed until the big treats arrived. The pops reminded me of growing up in Caracas, where's always a little bit hot and summer-like. My mom made these for us to munch after playing outside. 

For the pops you'll need: 

1 lime

1 lemon 

Spearmint leaves (I used a bunch and then froze the rest to add them to my Minute Maid® lemonade!) 

Two cans of  Minute Maid® Lemonade

Chop the lemons and limes (I like very thin slices), add them to your molds. Add the mint leaves and fill the molds to the top with the lemonade, just make sure to freeze them for 4 or 5 hours. To un-mold let them stand for a few seconds under warm water. And, enjoy: we called it chupi back home!


Arepas are Venezuela's emblem, part of who we are. I make them when I'm happy or when I'm feeling homesick. They're made of corn meal (a very particular kind) and the fillings vary from ham, cheese or the famous "reina pepeada" which is chicken, mayo, avocado, a bit of garlic and some kick like dry chiles. We love making them for our friends because it's just a little reminder of home, our moms and the stories we love to tell. And, if you're a foodie you eat arepas con limonada y mas nada! 


Not all fruits depicted are present in each product. Juice percentage varies.