My wellness journey: how I became a morning person

I've been getting lots of questions and comments about my workout routine and the changes you've seen all over my feed. Please, bear in mind that I'm not an expert, this has been my experience and journey. Here we go! 


I went from just doing yoga twice a week for fun to deadlifting 200 pounds at 5 AM and feeling amazing, in 9 months of hard work, willpower and lots of Instagram stories to hold myself accountable for my progress. 
And no, I'm not a morning person at all. 


Getting started

I always tried to keep myself in a healthy-ish state. I cook most of our meals at home, use fresh ingredients and make sure we're not overdoing it with sugar and fat but, sometimes it takes more than one salad to make your body feel good. And I was feeling like a walking pile of crap. 
I was diagnosed with PCOS on top of my chronic migraine condition, and I thought, "maybe this is the time to take yoga classes to the next level." I mean, I can bend like a pretzel, but couldn't run a mile without dying nor lift my grocery bags for long. And one way to help with PCOS  condition was to lose weight and get stronger. 
My health wasn't what it should have been, was overweight (156 lbs and I'm 5'2), with a severe hormonal disorder and not eating properly for my hectic life. 
Back in February, I decided to change my habits towards a better lifestyle; this wasn't about me feeling fat, this is about being healthy enough to become a mom, get my hormones under control and help my migraine condition. And, boy did my life change. 

I joined a gym near my house and got myself a fantastic trainer,  Michael. We discussed my goals; he helped me take care of my knee and shoulder, we decided that cardio wasn't my jam (Although, I do run and go to cycling classes). I was on my way to becoming a fitter, stronger person using weights. I trained with Michael for three months, starting with dumbells and body weight and then transitioning to barbells. I often found myself loving how strong I felt and the fact that sometimes I was the only girl at the rack prepping a bar. 

I work out five days a week because now have concrete goals, I nailed down my routine, and on the weekends I sleep a bit more and walk Lola, I try to stay active and rest when my body asks for it. Also, I eat clean most of the time, especially during rest days.  
Michael also helped me with my eating habits, which to be honest weren't that terrible, but minor improvements helped. The thing is I cook for us at home, so I needed to get everyone on board with my recently acquired lifestyle. 


Becoming a morning person (it's a two person job)

Becoming a morning person was one goal I've had in the back of my mind for a long time. Not going to lie, despising mornings is ingrained in me as the ability to walk or use sarcasm as a coping mechanism but, this was necessary. It was a health matter that needed to be addressed. 

Jorge and I have different routines, he travels a lot and works from home when he's here. So he used to start his mornings a bit later than I do. Before my new job, I wanted to be at the office around 7ish so I could beat traffic and rush hour trains. Then after work I'd be going to the gym for an hour, go back home to make dinner, finish work stuff and ended up going to bed at midnight, dead and grouchy. 

After doing some research and convincing Jorge to do this together, we started to wake up at 4:55 am, go to the gym for an hour, head to the office after and start our day that way. According to my research, it takes 21 days to create a habit, so there's that. 

Considering the positive effect that exercise has like endorphins and energy boosts, I thought it was worth a try. At this point, I can say that it works for us and having someone with you really helps. 

I told myself: you deserve self-care time, and yes, you need to do all of these things but, waking up earlier allows me to feel less pressured to squeeze a half ass-ed workout on a packed gym and take out for dinner. I feel better that by 6:30 AM I burned a ton of calories, listened to a podcast, I'm so ready to start my day. I sleep better now too. I'm less moody (so yay).


How to make it stick? 

I'm not always counting calories or waking up all happy to run to the gym in 30-degree weather. Not at all but, I haven't regretted any of my workouts or the choices I made with food. I'm not depriving myself of eating wings or drinking wine, but I'm way more conscious of what I put in my body. 

Of course, I have bad days, days at the office eating cookies and skipping my workouts but it's also about balance. I sleep better; I'm less mean (except at the gym, if you stare at my ass, you'll get sass, no exceptions). And for the first time in my life, I get my period (without hormones) every 29 days. That is huge you guys! It means we can keep trying to get pregnant and it could happen without adding more hormones to my life. 

Now what? 

Well, this is not a diet, this isn't a detox, this is my life and routines. I wake up, train like a tiny beast and go on with my day. I eat good food and sometimes have a social life. My weight hasn't changed that much but I feel better, stronger and fitter, also way more focused and calm. I never thought to see my quads getting bigger was going to make me happy, seeing how my arms are toned, just makes me want to work harder. Also, don't be afraid of weightlifting, do you see me getting bulky or "masculine"? Nope, I look sexy AF because I'm stronger and that's all it matters. 
I'm actually on the way to become the person I want to be, even though I curse in different languages when the alarm goes off. This wasn't a 2017 resolution but, somehow it worked.