Classic Essentials Worth The Splurge

It's been 16 days without actually shopping for something different than groceries, and two target runs to get placemats and a bar cart. Nope, it's not easy, but honestly, I've been wearing things I own and love. 
There are a few items that I splurged on because they're classic, timeless and, those motivated me to believe that my year without shopping is possible. However, I bought most of these throughout my years of perfecting my closet and, they fit my style and work wardrobe. These are a few of my basics staples that can fix any closet crisis/ emergency from a casual workday to a brunch date. I believe that if you're wearing good shoes and a nice bag is possible to feel like a million bucks, even if the rest is jeans and a striped tee (trust me, I own 19 striped tees most of them are Breton stripes in navy and white).


The story behind this post started when I decided to do a year without shopping. While I was cleaning my closet and doing inventory, I saw that my black suede pumps were in desperate need of replacement, then my favorite french cuffed shirt was too big on me; I urged myself to replace the basics and stick to them, promoting Vivianne Westwood's motto: buy less, choose well. 
One of my uniforms consists of skinny jeans, white shirt, sweater, and flats. During the warmer months, I tend to swipe the knits for a striped shirt. While I believe in owning as many colorful pieces as humanly possible, when it comes to classics I stick to neutrals because they can elevate a simple outfit to a signature style. 

My splurges list: 


Chanel flats: J got me these for Christmas to replace my old ones, one thing about these shoes is that the leather is soft, you don't need to break them in, and they're simple, classic and yet sophisticated. 
A great black bag: to each their own when it comes to bags but, a favorite is my Prada Double Bag, it fits my laptop and all the essentials, it's beautiful and a bit understated. 
Classic black pumps: to me good shoes are investment pieces, you have ; I don't wear red soles every day, but when I want to add an extra oomph to my work outfit or a date night, I wear my Louboutin Decoltish in black suede, 3 inches and pretty comfy for a pointy shoe. A bit of toe cleavage but nothing offensive. 
A good light sweater: I own at least eight J.Crew Tippi sweaters, and half are navy or black with my monogram. They're a wardrobe savior.  [Monogramming is optional but, I'm somewhat obsessed with my initials, let me be]. Also, the cashmere options are fantastic but, size up and take good care of them. 
Tailored White Shirt: This is a big one, Carolina Herrera made me do this! I love a good white shirt; it's a thing.  Jeans and white shirt with black pumps, YES. Mini skirt and white shirt with flats? YES. White shirt and dark denim with loafers, YES! My favorites are the boy shirt from Thomas Mason for J.Crew and,  french cuffs I'm faithful to non-iron fitted ones from Brooks Brothers. 
A classic trench: I'm a J.Crew whore we all know it, so I own the Icon trench, of course, you can go an spend all of your hard earned cash in a Burberry one but, mine is three years old and looks new!  
Skinny jeans in a medium wash: again, my all time favorite denim is a J.Crew toothpick  9' rise in medium wash. I'm a big fan of this style. Go darker if you plan to wear this to work and, don't do distressed. 

Classic earrings: yes, I wear a lot of pearls but I love when they have something extra! My favorites are from KJP. 
A nice striped t-shirt: all-time favorite? Saint James for J.Crew. Currently coveting? The Parker Hatch striped sweatshirt with my initials (one year people, one year!). 
My RayBan Aviators: I got them ten years ago, and they're definitely my favorite sunnies ever. And they're Bela resistant! 
A Little Black Dress: yes, this one is a given, my favorite is an old one from Kate Spade with bows in the back. A more "me" version is a striped one I got recently from the same brand during a surprise sale! 


I built my wardrobe around these pieces, adding pops of color and statement or trendier items to my outfits but, somehow I always find this look so comforting and classic, like the world might be crashing down on me, but at least I'll be well dressed when shit hits the fan.