January Recap: A year without shopping


Oh hey, we're in February after what I felt like the MONDAYEST of Januaries ever. And I haven't shopped for a full month. I mean I went grocery shopping and had to get a bench from Target but, no clothes, NONE. Yes, I had moments where I regretted not getting more seamless panties (those are awesome), an extra pair of jeans or more workout clothes but, I haven't broken down yet. I won't budge now. I'm in it to winning it. 

How I've been doing you ask? 

The not-so-great moments

During this month I had to unsubscribe to lots of emails ( A LOT)
Had a meltdown while planning my outfits for the week
Felt ugly more than once
Said (better yet, YELLED)  "FUCK, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" while crying inside of a closet filled with clothes
Found one of my favorite striped shirts, and it has a tiny hole. That broke my heart. 

The good-I-Can-Do-This moments

Had a photoshoot with old clothes in Miami and it felt new and fun  
I wore a brand new outfit that I had hanging in my closet for almost a year
Got creative with spring clothes
Got creative with work clothes
I got a haircut and liked it, thought of good outfits for it
Wore a super old skirt and found a great place to shoot it
I’m learning to appreciate my classics more. 


While the endless monologue in my head is taunting me and saying that I'll break, somehow this not shopping thing is becoming liberating in a way. Allow me to explain; I’m not waiting for new launches or new packages anxiously. I’m forced to be creative and to face the fact that I own a SHITON of clothes. To be honest, I never cared about repeating outfits but, now I think about my work attire in a different light; my photoshoot outfits are mostly about classics you can wear in the season and work outfits are things that make my morning better. Maybe, I´m back to my old self that cares about clothes because fashion makes me happy, I care about dressing for myself. It´s a matter of what makes me happy beyond the Instagram post. Yes, I love my followers, I love when someone asks me a question about an outfit and always reply to all. This is what made me start in the first place: my love for getting dressed. 

Let´s see how February works for me, in the meantime I get urges but discovering old clothes and bringing them back to life in a new way, makes this goal even better for me. 

February, bring it on.