February Recap: A Year Without Shopping

Christine-Hanks-PhotographyFebruary 23, 201882Life-With-Bela.jpg

Another month, another credit card bill paid. (Sort of)

I haven't shopped for myself since December 31st, granted part of my job this month included buying clothes for someone else (which it's my definition of personal hell) but, nothing for me, except for some socks that prevented me from dying. 

I had a few noteworthy moments during this short but intense month: 

  • My husband saw my need for workout gear with pockets and a jacket for biking, so basically got me that as an anniversary gift. I think that I never loved him more. 
  • I realized that I have a few favorite outfits that never got photographed until I saw Christine last week, things I usually wear to work but never really styled them for photos. Tiny win. ALL THE PRINTS! 
  • Discovered that while I still love shopping, I don't enjoy shopping for work projects,  especially when I'm getting stuff for someone with very different taste. 
  • Also, added an extra layer of fun to my year without shopping I challenge myself to wear one color per week and make it a theme, I started with pink and now it's all about black. It's a great way to revive old clothes and to make myself feel as creative as I can. (Go check out my instagram).
Christine-Hanks-PhotographyFebruary 23, 201880Life-With-Bela.jpg
  • I found myself feeling stressed out because of a hellish week, and putting all kinds of things in my cart at J.Crew. I realized that I didn't need any of it. I needed to calm down and take a break from everything. I begrudgingly closed the website and went for a walk. Then binged on Top Chef. That was awesome! I'm loving this season; every single chef is talented and so fun. Denver is pretty fantastic by the way. 
  • Speaking of which, we went to Denver for a quick trip, and it started snowing, Bela didn't have warm socks, so I got some at Uniqlo. Between shopping or freezing, I chose warmth instead. #sorrynotsorry At the beginning, it felt horrible but, it was 24 degrees, and I'm wearing J.Crew no-show socks with booties, it was a huge mishap but honestly didn't enjoy shopping for that. 
  • It hasn't become easier, I just think about shopping less and less when I'm inside of my closet and finding new ways to style my clothes. One small concern is that because I lost a few pounds some stuff isn't my size but, I'll deal with that later on. 
Christine-Hanks-PhotographyFebruary 23, 201884Life-With-Bela.jpg

March, what would you bring? Spring gingham? Stripes? Florals and angst? Hopefully fewer freakouts!




Pics by Christine Hanks, outfit details below, styling by me!