[A bit late] March Recap: A year without shopping

Christine-Hanks-PhotographyFebruary 23, 2018101Life-With-Bela.jpg

Oh March, you were a rollercoaster 

The intense: 

Last month was emotionally draining; the challenge somehow got trickier because my anxiety and stress peaked. 
I made a tough decision, left a job with a horrible commute, management issues and no career path that I liked but not loved, add an environment that wasn’t the best for me. This decision was a mental health one; the whole situation took a significant toll on my anxiety and depression. I hated being there because it made my issues worse and unmanageable for me. 

Also, health wise I got super sick, and that was an intense week for us, Jorge took such good care of me, but my body was giving out. It needed a break. Got a break and the opportunity of working with one of my closest friends, I'm feeling way better now, a more manageable commute, flexibility and working on something I like are things that make my day easier. 

The rough: 

The year without shopping was even harder, but somehow I made it thus far. I'm surprised I haven't caved and quite proud of myself, I challenge myself every week to discover what's the best way to showcase an already pretty full closet. Is this helping anyone else struggling with finding the right balance between trendy and classic? 
Is this content helpful? Those questions make me want to do more and be better. 
I shop as a coping mechanism to deal with my anxiety and it was a good distraction but not being able to do so pushes me to be better at other things, read more books, go on more bike rides. Watching Queer Eye and bawl my eyes out (Look Ma, I'm not dead inside!). 

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The good: 

I wore so many fun outfits and focused on enjoying them thoroughly, from stripes to polka dots, colors and styles it became a fun challenge to make my look work all week long (and not repeating anything!)
Making things feel brand new, getting as creative as I can and enjoying the process is helping my anxiety a lot. 

April is about to end, and the recap is going to be a fun one. Stay tuned!