Pregnancy update: First Trimester

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When I wasn't throwing up or weeping, I was chasing random foods. 

How did we get here? 

I stopped birth control a year and a half ago, doing so I risked getting more cysts and making my PCOS worse but, it felt right to do it. We wanted a baby! So my first try was to attempt to regulate my hormones by losing weight, eating less and less sugar, adding a new workout routine and getting my body ready for what was coming. 
Little did I know that this road would be this long, I thought this was going to be a bit easier because I wanted to believe that. However, deep inside I knew that getting pregnant wasn't going to be as easy for me as it has been for people around me. 
After a year-long battle, meeting a fantastic doctor, taking my temperature daily, eating foods that help with hormones, working out regularly and prayer, we got that little "pregnant" sign in one test. In the immortal words of JV: Can you believe? 

First trimester: scary, exhausted and wanting chocolate milk 

After meeting with our doctor and confirming that Cookie was there, being the size of a raspberry with the fastest tiniest heartbeat, I started to feel more and more scared. Because what no one tells you about being pregnant is alongside nausea and weird cravings there's a sheer feeling of fear that everything you are doing might hurt the baby. 
But, fear met excitement and knowledge is power, so I asked my doctor about the dos and don ts of pregnancy and, reading material also helped to ease my nerves. 

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Easy, queasy 

I was nauseous 95% of my time, and when I wasn't throwing up or trying not to, I was hungry. Hunger, when you're pregnant is weird allow me to explain, wanting foods that you for sure don't eat is typically the new norm. Without knowing that Cookie was in there, I craved chocolate milk and tuna salad, no idea why. 
I learned to calm my nausea with water and ginger tea plus eating small meals throughout my day. Bread and pasta when necessary, Jorge's wonderful french toasts, Caesar salad, and waffles. 

Drag me to the gym 

Remember my deadlifting goal, you know 225 lbs by the end of the year? Well, that's on hold now [not the best idea to add more weight to my currently growing body]. I still wanted to lift, but I needed to make adjustments, and honestly, the fear was there over my head but, I met thanks to Christine (my photographer) a fantastic boss babe trainer: Pegah! 
Meeting Pegah was a blessing, we worked out together a new training plan for me, and it keeps me going but, I had days that I needed to sleep instead of training and listened to my body. After all, I'm in production mode like Jorge says. 

Pants-Free Zone 

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You know I love skirts and dresses but enjoy denim every once in a while but, dude pants and zippers are not tiny bumps friendly, I didn't have a big one and hadn't gained any weight but, zipping up stopped to be a thing during week 12. Went to Target got myself a belly band and wearing my jeans it's back in the game. 

Shopping? Was it allowed? 

Well, I spent 5 1/2 without shopping but, this situation required for me to break and felt horrible, but I preordered maternity jeans from Madewell and a kit from ASOS. Most of my clothes still work except anything high waisted. 

The first trimester went well, sick and scared but hoping the best. Very by the book: week 9 nausea, peeing a lot. Week 10 crying and headaches. I loved how we told our parents and a couple of close friends. The happiness and the giddiness of our loved ones reminded of how loved this little Cookie is. 

Photography by Christine Hanks and styling by me. 
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