How to style your bump

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After six months of not shopping, I realized: being pregnant made me loosen up the rules because: 1, if you don't shop while you're pregnant you're condemning yourself to a season of EXTREMELY uncomfortable clothes and 2, my challenge went downhill the moment I had a bump. I mean, 85% of my closet still fits me and I plan to make this work throughout my 9 months. However, I need to have pieces that work with my changing (AKA growing) body because I still work in an office and let's face it, I wanted to rock my bump and fit and flare isn't really meant to showcase my production mode status. 
Enter: Pink Blush! They sent me a couple of gorgeous basic dresses that you can dress up or down and, I mixed things from my closet and made four outfits happened! 
What I loved about these two dresses, is that they still feel like ME but work wonderfully with my pretty little bump. And Pink Blush maternity dresses made me feel like I didn't have to sacrifice my style because I'm pregnant; and that a few basics will work throughout this fantastic time of my life. 

Little Black Dress: For work to Fun

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Heels, pop of color and you're good to rock your bump at work. 

Call-Me-Christine-July 18, 2018-Life-With-Bela-23.jpg

Comfy sneakers, a cute fedora, and chambray: a weekend winner. 

Green goddess, not the salad

Call-Me-Christine-July 18, 2018-Life-With-Bela-49.jpg

My adored denim jacket and plain white sneakers for the weekend 

Call-Me-Christine-July 18, 2018-Life-With-Bela-61.jpg

A good stripe tee and fun shoes, to make it work for the office 

Christine and I shot this a couple of weeks ago, and I love my bump, in the beginning, it felt like I looked "fat," but now, it's like: LOOK AT THIS BUMP, IT'S AWESOME.  I'm enjoying that inside of me there's a tiny human we made, kicking, dancing, sleeping and GROWING. And every single time I get dressed it's just better. 

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So, if you're pregnant, take a look at Pink Blush! I definitely love it!