Life with Cookie: Lucas' Birth Story

Please skip this post if the thought of bodily fluids and horrible pain scares and/or disgusts you.

November 27th, 2018: The first day at the hospital

My last workout before labor, week 39 day 4.

My last workout before labor, week 39 day 4.

I was told that I needed an induction due to my gestational diabetes so, we had to get a head start four days before my actual due date. Cookie was head down and, everything was looking great! That day Jorge and I worked out in the morning, went to have a big lunch at our favorite italian place nearby and got ready to head out. Cookie was coming!

We arrived at Stanford Valley Care around 5 PM, the first medication was in around 6 PM, that medication was supposed to make my cervix thin out, and then we will start the Pitocin, which is the medication that makes contractions happen.

Last dinner: Chick-Fil-A because homegirl is always hungry and you're not supposed to eat while you're on Pitocin. (Bummer, I know).

November 28th: Day two

Pitocin was started around 9 AM, contractions came and went, but no dilation just yet. By 5 PM I was hungry, tired, in pain from having contractions all day and also NOT dilated. Only two centimeters that day, really!? Plan B was about to be discussed, cue the dramatic music, another night at the hospital with no baby in sight, at least I got to eat and that was great.

November 29th: Day three

We started the day around 6 am with new medication to help my cervix get thinner and then Pitocin, somehow this combo made get things started for me, my contractions started and things got increasingly more and more painful in the evening. I lasted a few hours until the pain wasn't manageable for me any longer, I used a birth ball, essential oils, breathing, and meditation techniques. I deleted my birth plan and made myself more open-minded about pain management options, around mid-night Friday I asked for an epidural, the pain was savage, and sleep was necessary. While I've been known to be able to sleep through the pain, I wanted to be somewhat rested for pushing/active labor stuff.


November 30th: The Big Day

The anesthesiologist came in and, he placed the epidural. I felt instant relief and somehow still could feel my legs (which was the main reason why I didn't want an epidural, not feeling things is TERRIFYING).

Ok, sleeping might be a bit of an exaggeration; basically, I napped from 1 am to 2:45 when my water broke. Then from 3 am to 5 am, had some water, and got into the mindset: I need to push Cookie out.

We had the sweetest delivery nurse, overall my whole team of nurses and doctors were great, shoutout to Stanford ValleyCare (I met them all because we were there for what it felt like the longest time). But, Lauren was with us from midnight until Cookie was out and, she was terrific, sweet and reassuring. Also, she really cared about me and my pain.

I was 10 centimeters dilated and ready to go around 8:40 AM, I did 5 big "practice" pushes everything was looking great but, Cookie was pulling back after pushes. That wasn't a big deal I just needed to push harder or so I thought. Hours went by, and nothing has happened, I tried every position under the sun, my epidural started to wear off, my asthma was making its debut. It was 11 am, and Cookie was still inside.

Around noon I sort of lost my shit, the pain was unbearable. I got a cramp on my right hip that made everything worse, and I passed out for a minute. My doctor came in and let me rest, I literally yelled at EVERYONE there, telling them that I couldn't do it anymore. I even told Jorge to do something, because he was letting me suffer. (Really, can't remember all of it but, it sounds about right).

After a cat nap and having Jorge next to me as the most fantastic partner and cheerleader I could ever ask for, I started pushing again. When Cookie's and mine oxygen levels dropped my doctor made the decision of using the vacuum because my son wasn't coming out on his own (a bit stubborn, I wonder where he got that from, JK)

I was scared, exhausted and feeling like this day would never end. But, my goal was to get him out safely and possibly on my own. I didn't want to deal with a c-section after 4 days at the hospital.

They placed the vacuum, and the pushing started again, at 2:47 pm on his actual due date Lucas Ignacio made his debut. He was 8lbs, 2oz, 21 inches. He was placed on my chest, while I delivered the placenta and it was the most perfect moment we've ever experienced. He was healthy and big, loud and sweet, and he's ours. My Cookie was a real baby and, some of my fears went away, a few new started and my biggest goal was to protect this tiny human. My active labor lasted 16 hours and I pushed for 5 more. I still can't believe it, I guess all that training during pregnancy paid off, it gave me the mindset of a finish line and the strength to do this for such a long time.


On Sunday December 2nd, we got to go home, those 2 nights at the hospital we didn’t sleep because we just watch him breathe, he was next to me all the time and we had zero complications, he’s a healthy baby. My diabetes also went away.

my two dudes! Jorge is already the best dad in all the land.

my two dudes! Jorge is already the best dad in all the land.

While my labor experience wasn't all holistic and perfect like I envisioned it, my son is the most magical thing that ever happened to me, pain and all. We're learning our ways, getting to know him but, Lucas you're a piece of sunshine every day of our lives.

Hi, I’m Lucas

Hi, I’m Lucas